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Dunnellon, Fl

Dunnellon, Florida, offers a diverse array of real estate opportunities, with a special allure for those seeking the beauty and tranquility of riverfront living along the iconic Rainbow River. Nestled in the heart of natural splendor, Dunnellon boasts a variety of properties, including charming cottages, spacious family homes, and luxurious estates, all with the coveted backdrop of the shimmering waters and lush greenery.

 To the north, it is bordered by unincorporated Rainbow Springs. Riverfront properties along the Rainbow River are particularly sought after, providing not just stunning views, but also direct access to this renowned waterway. Imagine waking up to the gentle sounds of the river flowing, spending leisurely afternoons kayaking or tubing, and evenings watching the sunset paint the sky in vibrant hues.

For those desiring a more secluded retreat, Dunnellon offers expansive estates nestled amidst acres of pristine wilderness, where privacy and serenity abound. These properties often feature amenities such as private docks, sprawling gardens, and panoramic vistas of the surrounding landscapes.

Whether you’re drawn to the allure of riverfront living or the tranquility of rural landscapes, Dunnellon presents an array of real estate opportunities that promise not just a place to live, but a lifestyle to cherish.


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Location of Dunnellon, Fl

Dunnellon is located in southwestern Marion County and is bordered to the southwest by the Withlacoochee River, forming the border with Citrus County.

Why You'll LOVE it:

Why You'll HATE it:

Reason 1

Breathtaking views of the Rainbow River from your back porch.

Reason 1

I can’t say. 

Reason 2

Nature lovers paradise. You can custom built your dream homes in the woods or buy an existing one in the many beautiful areas.

Reason 2

Depending on which part, it could be rural and a bit of a drive to get to town. Also dark at night.

Reason 3

You love the water and you want fast access to it. 

Reason 3

Higher home insurance costs.

Reason 4

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Reason 4

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Home Styles In Dunnellon

There is something for everyone in Dunnellon. From waterfront estates, to ranches and farms in secluded wooded areas, to single family homes with and without HOA. If you love and appreciate nature you will love living in Dunnellon.


Water Front Estates

Water front estates. There are many different areas along the Rainbow River that showcase an abundance of beautiful estates. The prices start at around $750,000 and go up. 


Ranch Styles

These range in pricing depending on the location. You can find some great deals starting at $275,000 and up. Some of the older homes require updating to taste. 


Custom Built Homes

There is plenty of reasonably priced land in Dunnellon to purchase and custom built your dream home. There are different zonings in the area that allow for agriculture as well as farm animals. 




Places of Interest

Rainbow River is the first on the line and has many different ways to access it. There is also many different parks and smaller lakes that can be accessed for fishing and boating. Here is a list of the main attractions but there are many more trails to visit.

During the summer the park will close once it reaches capacity. You can rent your kayaks or bring your own. This is a beautiful park with lots to explore or just relax it.


This is a separate entrance then the park. Best bet is to reserve and plan your visit during the summer.


Tubing, kayaking, snorkeling, relaxing. Another beautiful park with access to the river.


Immerse in nature in this majestic park. Beautiful hiking trails to get lost and connect with nature.


This quaint section of historic downtown features a cluster of charming, locally owned stores, most of them situated in vintage houses.

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